Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo February - Day Six

Temple Time, The Royal Palace, Bangkok, 2008

Travelling alone, I tend to spend a lot of time wandering in and out of museums, art galleries and religious sites - which suits me down to the ground. Art Galleries and Musuems are normally air conditioned and seeing I go to the odd hot country, they're good respite from the unrelenting heat and humidity.

Temples and churches are another passion of mine. I love wandering around these sites of devotion, feeling the force of millions of prayers. The art work, the masonry, the thought behind some of these structures  blows me away.

I loved Bangkok for it's temples. Being a Buddhist nation they take theire Buddhas very seriously. The Thai people dress them up, visit them, bring them offerings. There are seated Buddhas, standing Buddha's, Buddhas that lie down...

And people come to these temples to pay reverence to their Gods regularly.

This shot was taken at a temple at the Royal Palaces in Bangkok. I love the sense of movement as the kids file in. I watched as these kids filed in silently, identically uniformed and visibly happy. I wonder if Australian school kids could manage such decorum.

I want to go back to Thailand partly because I love Bhudda watching - and the people, and the food, and the massages, and the shopping. Great place.


Jackie K said...

Lovely photo. I love the colours too.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I like Thailand too - been there twice. Not so keen on Bangkok - a dirty crowded and huge city - but I loved Chiang Mai.

Great photo.




Kath Lockett said...

I've never been to Thailand, let alone Bangkok. One day....

"I wonder if Australian school kids could manage such decorum." OF COURSE NOT!