Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo February - Day Twenty Eight

Baby Koala, Healesville, 2008

I love marsupials.

This was taken on a day trip to Healesville with a friend, his mum and nephew who were visiting from the Netherlands. It was a lovely day, we got to look at a lot of animals, but this little critter stole my heart.

That and the 'vogelbekdieren'. Only the Dutch will their own word for platypus. Meaning "bird beak animal" it does make sense, but still - It's a bloody platypus. Call it a bloody platypus.

However, getting  a photo of these elusive waterborne critters is next to impossible. They are nocturnal. They are very cute. And they hate camera flashes, so you don't do it. But they're great. Really, really, really cute. A bit like waterborne meerkats.

The next cutest animal we saw on the day was this baby koala.

Don't let koalas fool you. They may look cute. But they don't smell too good. They scratch. They have a tendency to piss on you. And get chlamydia. And they don't do very much.

But gee they're pretty to look at.


Kath said...

That shot is adorable. Lovely stuff :)

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I actually held a koala when I visited Oz in 2005. And yes it did stink.

I have a cute photo of a baby koala that you might like:


I took that photo not long after I'd held one.

Can't deny - they are really cute.




The Elephant's Child said...

They look cute.....And they don't do very much. Supermodels or koalas? Smelly, scratchy beasts that they are I will have our marsupials every time.