Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RU Okay? Day Four and Five

Am I okay?

You bloody bet I am.

I will stop doing the conga soon. I've been doing it since 9.50 pm last night when the news that Tony Abbott has been ousted as Prime Minister. A conga line for one dancing around my kitchen to the tune of "Goodbye, Tony Abbott, hey, Goodbye, Tony Abbott, cha!" with a glass of single malt in my hand. (Glenmorangie Burgundy Finish - yum). I have to stop doing the conga. It looks a bit stupid on your way to the train.

Oh, just give me some maracas and let me get on with it.

Okay, as it really goes, it could be a case of same shit, different shovel, but for some reason, the country feels a little lighter today. I can go back to disliking the Liberal Party as opposed to outright despising them.

Hopefully, we have seen the last of Tony Abbott in the international arena. I'm sure he'll pop up from time to time. He is the member for Warringah after all (Poor Manly).

So this has cheered me up no end.

We have a Prime Minister who I wouldn't mind calling 'Sir', don't feel like he's going to embarrass the country every time he opens his mouth. I don't have the desire to bear arms against Malcolm Turnbull.

This is not a bad thing.

So other than a new Prime Minister, things are fine. Good even. My energy levels are returning. The head is clear. I had a good think about the differences between the musts, shoulds, wants and needs in my life - and I'm focusing on the wants and needs and removing the obligation filled bits of my life.

So, I need to lose weight for my health. I want to lose weight because I feel better.
I need to go to Target tonight to buy some new work trousers.
I want to find a new job soon, but I'm not rushing.

It feels better to be doing things that I want and need to do, rather than think I must or should do.

This mindfulness appears to be bearing fruit.

Goodbye, Tony Abbott, Goodbye, Tony Abbott....cha cha cha cha cah,booom.

Haiku for yesterday

So long, Tones, So long.
May the door hit your bum hard.
Me miss you? Never.

Haiku for today

Who was it that said
A conga-line of suckholes
Makes our parliament?

Image courtesy of https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/related/2uy4dk/michael_leunigs_response_to_the_abbott_leadership/


Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I remember when Maggie Thatcher resigned; I had a similar party!!

I heard about Tony Abbott this morning on the news. I;m not surprised really given the vitriol I've heard coming from Down Under.

Can we get rid of our idiot in charge now?




Pandora Behr said...

And I've heard all about Jezza over there, PM. My bloke reckon's he's your saviour....