Sunday, September 13, 2015

RU Okay? Day Three

Yes, I'm okay.

It's amazing the effect of a bit of sunshine and your football team winning can do. It was an almost perfect spring day today.

On the good side, in the ten years I've been going to my gym, this is the first time that the Pump instructor didn't turn up at all. Once a year, they might be a minute or so late, but there was no Pump this morning. I went out to the gym, did my happy cat and chicken wing exercises and had a good long stretch. It was marvelous.

After the gym I had breakfast with Trisha. For the last few years, whoever of the back row pumpers (Jay, Mon and myself that is - you normally find us up the back row of the Sunday 9.15am Pump class - and yes, we are masochists), we go and have a coffee or breakfast with Trisha at the local cafe.

Trisha and I had a good chat, mainly about depression. Trisha has managed depression for a very long time. We talked about coping strategies, how we got around to changing our lives and what we do when we spiral. It was great to talk to somebody who understands. We're all different, but there are similarities. Just knowing you're not alone makes things a bit better.

Other good things about today? I spent a lovely afternoon with Bernie and her kids. We haven't seen each other for a while and we watched "The Princess Bride". Bernie, nor her children had seen it and it's still wonderful. They loved Inigo Montoya. What's not to love? It never gets old. (Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.....)

Then I came home, collected the cat and his accoutrements and took him home. So there is no more Maow Maow. He's safely ensconced back in Spotswood with four very jet-lagged people.

The place feels empty without him, however a bed free from cat hair and being able to use the hoover without having the cat psychologist is lovely. I'm thinking of throwing out his snuggie. There is enough cat hair on it to make another one. I'll see Mr Fluffy Britches next weekend.

I've also got to work out whether I want to go to the football next Friday. Crows are playing the Hawks. My cousin invited me along this week and I declined the ticket. Barney said he'd be going, but do I want to sit with the Hawthorn crew? Or do I see if my cousins are going and sit with the Crows mob? Something to think about. I hate crowds. Is it responsible to put myself among a crowd at the moment?

But today was a good day, even if my Journalism homework is only half done. On the good side, the tutor gives us a lot of slack in the course, but I can't afford to get behind.


there is no heartbeat
to be heard within these walls
only silent thoughts

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