Thursday, August 9, 2018

10 Days: Bali Bound

This time, next week, I will be in Bali.

Here is what's front of mind for me at the moment:

  • I have too much to do before I go.
  • I'm off to Sydney on an early flight on Saturday for the night.
  • The Property Association meeting tonight should be a doozy.
  • I have put my details on Smart Traveller.
  • I have a digital copy of my passport on my phone.
  • And my itinerary.
  • And the AirBnB details. 
  • And the travel insurance details. 
  • I don't know how I will go travelling with people
  • I'm hoping my friends will get on okay.
  • I'm not sure what gin I will be taking into Bali duty free (Hendricks over Bombay Sapphire... hmmmm.
  • I'm not sure my friends will like me after living with me for five days.
  • Will the Yoga Barn still be my mothership?
  • Will there still be aftershocks happening from the earthquake while we are there? (Thankfully, we're not going to Lombok or the Gili Islands - far enough away hopefully)
  • Will I meet some nice new people while I'm away?
  • Will I be any good at Cards Against Humanity? 
  • When am I going to get the Mason's paperwork done?
  • How will I go on the food wanker plan while in Bali (thought I will be drinking - beer for breakfast, gin from 2 pm - keeps the mozzies away)
  • Which gin should I have waiting for me at the airport when I get back? Hendricks and something different? Jinzu? Four Pillars? Archie Rose? Dunno....
  • Will I get a walk along the beach this weekend?
  • Will I be warm enough in Bali at night?
  • Will my contract come through for work?
  • Should I listen to Prince more?
  • Am I really having a birthday next Sunday? (Denial is a bitch)
  • What am I going to have for dinner? Can I take it along to the Property Association meeting? 
  • What is going to happen to Liza and Charles on Younger?
  • Why isn't my right hand screen working at work?
  • Will the birthday party go off without a hitch?
  • When will my right knee feel better?
  • Is 42 still the meaning of life?
That will do.

As I said - too much to do.

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