Monday, August 6, 2018

13 Days: 88 Kilos of Trainer

Too whacked to write tonight. I spent most of the morning doing the thing I dislike most about my current job - getting out the post-release comms.

Seriously, I'd rather have a pap smear than do comms. But I smiled nicely, didn't call anybody an idiot, only growled at my computer a couple of times and didn't moan too loudly when I had to translate some comments from which ever version of English to plain English  - and in my office this can be Indian English, Chinese English, Russian English or which ever flavour of English as a second language you might like to dictate.

(On the other side of the coin, my glorious Indian colleagues think it's hysterical that I can come back with the one phrase of Hindi that I have mastered - which is a Sergeant Schultz like ,"I don't know.")

So I'm mentally exhausted.

But I still went to the gym - where Jay and I met up with Peeeeeeeettttttteeeeeee for one last time. Cleo is back from South America and the normal schedule will be back soon.

Peeeeeeeeettttteeeeee had some fun with me tonight. After a chat about Bali and the fact that things might be a bit bumpy over there when we get there (Earthquakes will do that) we got on with the workout.

For the last round of exercises, he made me push the sled.

If you haven't encountered the sled in the gym, it's a rugby and athletics training tool. You get to shove a flat based sled contraption 20 metres along a rough carpet. Normally, the sled, unladen, weighs about 60 kgs. It's not the easiest thing to do.

When we do this exercise with Cleo, she will often shove another 20 kg on top of the sled. That's fine. We do this all the time.

Tonight, I rose to the challenge. Peeeeeeeeettttttteeeeeeeee in his infinite wisdom stood on the sled and made me push the sled, with him on top, three rounds up and back.

Peeeeeeettttteeeeeee is a strapping lad. 88 kilos of prime Tasmanian muscle. On top of a 60 kilogram sled.

He also recorded this and put it on Instagram.

Never thought I would say this, but who knew that my bum was a part of my best side.

I was told that he only had two male clients who could do this.

I didn't bother to tell him that the sled is one of my favourite exercises.

I came out of the gym physically exhausted - and happy that I rose to a rather large, 88 kilogram Tasmanian challenge.

Now, I wish I could chill, but I've got some Mason's stuff to get out of the way for tomorrow night.


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