Wednesday, August 8, 2018

11 Days: Naked

No, no, it's nothing bad.

For the first time in many years I wore contact lenses to work for the day.

See I'm trying these out for a change. Just to see what it's like. To see if I might do this more often.

I've worn glasses for about 30 years. It's not that I'm that blind - I can function without them about the house, read without them, but for anything in the distance I need them. I wouldn't drive without them - especially at night. That would be dangerous. Going to the movies, I'd miss out on a heap of fine detail. So I've resigned myself to wearing glasses. I'm used to them.

Also, I used to wear contact lenses now and then, but that stopped a few years ago when age caught up with me and I found I couldn't read when they were in. As my life is all about the written word, this was not an option. With my current specs, if I need to read, I either look over the top of them or take them off. I have a blanket refusal to get multifocals. The first time the optometrist suggested these I nearly hit her. Besides, taking of my current specs gets the same result.

Contact lenses have come along way in the last few years. It's amazing. The three'o'clock dries didn't happen. I read everything in front of me (though I still have to use trombone arm on the phone at times), it was great.

The only strange thing about this all - I feel naked without my glasses. Really exposed. I'm so used to hiding behind them, it doesn't feel right when they aren't on my face. This is the opposite to what I feel when I wear makeup - which makes me feel like I'm wearing a mask.

A couple of people commented on my eyes too - more the colour. Though the lenses are clear, they give my eyes a blue/grey tinge - a bit different to their normal dark green.

Will I wear them again? Sure. But I'll have to get over the fact that wearing them makes me feel very exposed.

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