Friday, August 3, 2018

16 Days: Chosing the Viewpoint

I walked out of the office at 6.20 this evening.

That I was the last one there and that I could still be there now is by the by. That tonight is Friday and leaving after 5 pm is as close to sacrilege as it gets is neither here nor there.  I am now home with a large gin and tonic in my hand. I'm trying to work out what gin I'm drinking as I somehow found my old traveler bottle in a cupboard and I can't remember what I decanted into it around a year ago. Possibly Tanqueray, possibly on of the smaller distilleries.

The tonic is flat.

I don't care.

Maybe, I should have gone for the Glenmorangie which is what I was eyeing off before I found my traveler bottle. Maybe I'll sit and sip a single malt after the G&T has been drained.

It's not that it was a bad day. More that the effect of the Mercury Retrograde hit like a bastard this afternoon, scattering every modicum of order in its wake. Adding to all of this, two of the team are away on holiday, the two other members of the team are new and there is slack that needs to be picked up. Oh what fun.

But I am going to change the viewpoint and look at the good of the day.

I had lunch with my old work husband, Glen Waverley. I love my old work husbands - of which I have a small collection, but Glen Waverley is my longest serving. It was just lovely to catch up.

Then on the way home, as I walked to the tram stop in the rain, somehow, I ended up having a lovely chat with a random. Being a girl from Adelaide, it is in me to talk to people on trams - well, I will talk to people on trams if spoken to. This fellow, late twenties, personable, sober (always a good thing on the 109) commented that he didn't know people still played Pokemon Go. Okay, so I've been outed as a Pokemon player. So shoot me. We ended up having a lovely chat about all sorts of things, horticulture, moving to Melbourne, living in Sydney, the food wanker plan, giving up smoking... He got off a few stops before me. He was a nice random. It's good when you meet nice randoms. They do exist.

Arriving home, I jumped in the car and drove to the local shopping complex to find some dinner, being far too tired to cook. Just sitting down with a meal somebody else has cooked is a reason to be happy.

And now I'm home thinking about what needs to be done:

  • Setting the agenda for Thursday night's property association
  • An ironing pile the size of Mount Everest
  • A contact lens fitting
  • The gym
  • Learning my part for Tuesday night
  • The flat needs to be cleaned
  • Go pay for the food for the birthday party
  • Go see Blarney and Maow Maow.
What I'm not going to think about is what might happen at work on Monday morning, when we're two team members down and Mercury is in retrograde.

The G&T has been drained. I think I need that single malt now.

Yes, it was a hard day. I just prefer to concentrate on the good. 

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