Tuesday, August 7, 2018

12 Days: The Third and The Ting Tings

 I've just come back from a mason's meeting. It's just gone eleven p.m.

It's great when you come out of the meeting energised and full of hope - this was one of those nights. A special night where we somehow raided the energies of the Gods and pulled off a miracle.

What do they say about bad rehearsals make good performances.

This was a very special night. It's the first time we've performed this ceremony in five years, and it felt great to do it again. It felt special.

Now, the only problem, is how to come down from this energetic high.

It might take a bit.

But I can't write it out - that is all I know.

Have lots to say, but not tonight.

So I will leave you with The Ting Tings.

Maybe thinking and singing something banal will help with this energy glut.

Today's Song:

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