Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Song a Day November: Escape

Song two:

Okay, walking to book group, playing Pokemon (as per usual when walking places) when crossing the coat hanger bridge I pass an old colleague.

Be still my barely beating ovaries.

Craig (Not his real name) is what you'd call thinking woman's crumpet. See, he's an engineer. A bit on the lanky side. Hyper-intelligent. Has this quite way about him. Huge blue eyes.

And while I was working with him, I always had just the tiniest crush on him. Just a little one. Being in my mid forties, thankfully you get to have a little crush on somebody  you don't act like a schoolgirl.

But yeah, for a middle aged engineer he really is quite fine.

So we pass each other on the Coat Hanger foot bridge across the Yarra. I get a "Hello" and a beaming smile. He gets the same off of me.

I skip all the way to book group.

Makes up for this morning when I watched as a smacked out junkie nearly did a swan-dive onto the train lines. Thankfully her slightly less smacked out friend pulled her back from the edge of the platform (after instructing him to go look after his friend... sheesh, junkies - one of the traps of inner city life)

Anyway, this if for Craig, my middle-aged, blue eyed, married father of a couple if kids and an engineer. This is for you

One can have a little fantasy, n'est-ce pas?

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