Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Song a Day November : Tusk

I've just looked at the stats for this blog - some 786 posts. I'm amazed that this has happened from what started as a blog to follow my progress to running a marathon.

This might become a blog for following my progress to walking the Camino de Compostella de Santiago some time in 2018, but we will see - this has yet to be fully worked out. Anyway, as I only have fourteen posts to get me to the 800 post mark, I may as well get on with blogging something meaning full  over the next few weeks - and I may as well write about something I love.


I'm currently writing the prototype of my online children's book for this term's uni work. This is due in on Monday and I'm nearly there. So this is a bit of a distraction from trying to make the 5000 word mark - I'm at 4500 words with a good bit of editing required.

I don't feel like editing. I have a cold. I don't like editing when I have a cold. I have better things to do like binge watch Outlander and rest.

Anyway, this song. Which was on in the car when I was coming home from breakfast this morning.

Like anything with a beat, it gets into you. Even this piece from "The Wolf of Wall Street" got into a lot of people.

It's all about the beat.

And I hear this song that's getting on to forty years old, and I watch Stevie Nicks with a cheerleaders baton and I wish for a simpler, less cynical more hopeful time. A time without a reliance on hair products and labels.

There is something about seventies music that does this to you.

So this is Tusk, by Fleetwood Mac.



Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Yup - love Tusk! Good choice for the start of a blogathon.




Jackie K said...

I just scanned your Song a Day posts and felt a little thrill when I saw this one. I love this song, and in fact anything by Fleetwood Mac!