Monday, June 18, 2018

63 Days: Things You Never Knew

I found out something on the weekend.

If you are offered a wheelchair access room in a hotel, DON'T take it unless you really need it.

Why?  There are a few reasons. In wheelchair access rooms, there is no glass. This is not a bad thing, but your bathroom will look like one found in a mental institution. A basin, but no area to put your washbag. A shower head. A plain toilet. Lots of bars around the place. None of this is a problem, but it feel a bit weird if you don't need it for the reason it was designed for.

More than likely, there won't be beside tables in the room either. Again, not a deal breaker, but where do you put your phone and your gin and tonic?

When I was told I was being given a wheelchair access room I thought nothing of it. Sure. If nobody with access requirements needed it, then no drama.

But the thing I never knew. In these wheelchair access rooms  - the water temperature an pressure. The water pressure is half that in a normal room - and the hottest the water will go is about 45 degrees. I'm just glad my hair didn't need washing yesterday.

I mentioned both of these features to the girl at the desk on the way out - the water pressure and the temperature. This low pressure, low temperature water feature was the law.

Who knew?

It took a bit of the fun out of staying in a hotel. Hey ho.

I was rather grateful that it wasn't that cold in Sydney on the weekend - and that my hot water service pumps out steaming hot water without fail.

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