Thursday, June 7, 2018

74 Days: Biker Boots

The finally turned up! The object of my desire.

A couple of weeks ago I found a pair of second hand Harley Davidson biker boots on eBay. They were picked up for a steal - $25 plus postage.

Today, I found them at the post office waiting for me.

They are in good knick, but need a polish. They have a chunky heel on them. They have two buckles on the outside and they are marked with the Harley Davidson mark.

I was a little worried that thy were' going to fit - thinking I'd bought men's boots - but no, all is good - Size 9 women's boots.

I put them on my feet - and my demeanor changed instantly.

I feel tough.

I feel strong.

I feel sexy.

And I think I can rule the world.

Amazing what a pair of boots can do.

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