Thursday, June 14, 2018

67 Days: The Cherry Red Coat

Today is a day I look for blessings. It has to be that way. Rather than spiral down, we will be maintaining.

Why? Well the day didn't got off to the best start. The job I was hoping to be interviewed for I missed out on. So be it, something better will come my way and it is still early days. It's always and interesting time when you are in this twilight zone of finishing one job and finding another. It's all fine.

I'm also a bit glum because my desk mate is leaving today. Layla is cool. She's a trainee nurse who has been working part time as she studies, but we've been talking music, movies and plays for months. Layla's helped to keep me sane. I'll miss her.

Nevertheless, the green candles will keep burning.

In the words of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - DON'T PANIC!.

So I am counting my blessings.

Here we go. My blessings.

  1. I am imminently employable.
  2. I'm good at what I do.
  3. I have lovely friends who love me.
  4. My current team are awesome.
  5. I can eat the fish special at a restaurant and it fits with my diet plan.
  6. The naturopath has relented and I have got brown rice and gluten free bread back. Yessssss. 
  7. I don't feel the cold.
  8. Currently, I have enough on to be busy but not too much to be frantic.
  9. I'm going away for the weekend.
  10. I have no debt.
  11. I have my health back.
  12. My brain functions well.
  13. A new season of Suits is coming in July (I love Harvey - if I ever get a cat I will call him Harvey cos more than likely he will be a most handsome boy but he'll be a bit of a douche)
  14. I'm sleeping well at the moment. 
  15. All my family are well.
  16. I'm getting calls back for jobs.
  17. My weight is continuing to drop - albeit a bit more slowly.
  18. I should get a good tax return in August.
  19. I can wear my motorcycle boots to work (at the moment)
  20. I'm wearing my aunt's cherry red coat over a shortish skirt today - this always makes me feel good. 
I put the red coat on today instead of my regular red cardigan this morning. It used to belong to my aunt.

When I think about my aunt, I also count my blessings. She wasn't my aunt per se, rather my mother's best friend. She was around a lot when I was in my late teens and early 20s. She had a fraught life in so many ways. Suffering from chronic back pain, she managed to get on with things and live a full, mostly happy life. 

A horrific accident cut her life short five years ago. Brain damage is awful. Pneumonia took her in the end after a couple of months of hospitalisation. We all knew she would not be coming home after the accident. 

My uncle gave me her coat a while back. It was about two years after she died and he was slowly dispersing of her clothes The coat cherry red - not a colour that I would normally wear, but a colour that reminds me of her - and her bright cherry red lipstick that she always wore. The coat is my size. It's lightweight. It goes with a lot of my clothes - not a surprise as most of my clothes are black. 

I wear my cherry red coat with pride. I reminds me of my aunt, who if anything, taught me the value of resilience.


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