Monday, June 11, 2018

70 Days: Football Traffic

The one bad thing about living in Richmond is football traffic. Any time there's a game on at the MCG, the traffic around Richmond goes to shite. Sometimes you can be lucky. Sometimes not. Sometimes you cans sail down Swan Street. Sometimes not. It's a matter of timing - and luck.

I've lived in Richmond for nearly 15 years. I pride myself on knowing most of the back streets and short cuts - however sometimes, you're going to get stuck. It's life in Richmond. You get used to it and make arrangements to either take a tram or leave 15 minutes early if you really need to be somewhere on footy days.

Richmond is a bit notorious for traffic snare ups. Victoria Street can be a nightmare at morning and afternoon peaks. Bridge Road and Swan Street are not much better. On a bad day you can be waiting for 20 minutes to get from one end of Burnley Street to the other.

And we're not going to mention Hoddle Street. A road to be avoided at all times of the day or night. It's just mental.

So coming back from Blarney's today, I got caught in the footy traffic. I thought I had timed it to miss it, but no. I got the tail end of  the Melbourne/Collingwood game.  The worst of the supporters had gone, which took a bit of fun out of it all. You get ten points for hitting a Collingwood supporter. Twenty for Melbourne supporters - they are rare beasties, sent into hiding after years of disappointment.

Swan Street was backed up to the Rugby Oval. And I was in the wrong lane which meant I had to turn at Hoddle Street. Ah joy.

It doesn't happen very often, but my normal half hour drive back from Blarney's place took me 70 minutes.

Never to mind, it gave me some music time. When you don't have to be anywhere, being stuck in the car listening to music isn't all that bad. It really isn't all that bad at all.

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