Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blog a Day June: Fuck You, Scott Morrison

Our delightful federal treasurer, Scott Morrison (hereafter referred to as ScoMo) went on the record today to say that he’s experienced bigotry.

Really. Sco Mo. Experience bigotry? Seriously.

ScoMo is, now let me see:

  • White
  • Middle class
  • Middle aged
  • A member of one of those happy clapper religions (I think it’s Hillsong he belongs to. I’d really like to know how much money Hillsong gives to charity…. Hmmm)
  • University educated
  • Oh and he allegedly has a penis – we can’t be sure, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

 And he claims he’s been on the tail end of bigotry?

This is the bloke who:

  • Started the trending in keeping boat arriving asylum seekers in tropical gulags not much better than a concentration camps when he was the Minister for Immigration
  • Who blamed one of the asylum seekers for getting himself murdered – see it was his fault he allegedly went outside the camp. Think is, the poor fellow never left the camp. Didn’t bother with a retraction for four days.
  • Attacked the President of the  Human Rights Commission for speaking out against his dreadful, toxic and evil regime
  • Wants us to have a non-binding and ludicrously expensive plebiscite to decide the marriage equality laws - something that could be done in parliament in an afternoon - oh no - we need to get a hateful campaign up and running.
  • Can't run the country's books - mind you he's doing a slightly better job that the last middle aged, white, middle class, Catholic, university educated white man who was in the job.
Seriously, fuck you Scott Morrison.

Like you know what it's like:
  • To be spat on in the street for not being an incompetent politician, but just being yourself
  • To not be able to hold your partner's hand in public for fear of negative commentary or worse
  • To not be able to ratify your relationship in the eyes of the law
  • To know that your partner won't automatically receive your super payout when you die because your relationship isn't legally recognised
  • To not have all the rights that you, you white, allegedly heterosexual, middle class, middle aged, allegedly Christian (still looking for evidence of that one other than the Hillsong link) male enjoys.
And you claim you know what bigotry is?

Well, although or most esteemed Attorney General, George Brandis says that we all have the right to be a bigot, seriously, you seriously don't have a fucking clue.

Also, need I remind you that this government is:
  • Run on the grounds that the Church and State are separate
  • You REPRESENT YOUR CONSTITUENTS - you're not there to lambaste us with your backwards and incompetent beliefs
  • As Treasurer, surely it would be far better for the country if we just legislated marriage equality rather than spend in excess of $150 million dollars on finding out that 70% of the country want to happen NOW
Oh, and seriously, if you don't like gay marriage, just don't marry a gay.

You really want to tell me I can marry as much as I want  but my wonderful step-sister and her long term partner can't.

Fuck you, Scott Morrison. 

Oh, and while I'm here, you can tell Cory Bernardi can go fuck himself too. Hopefully South Australia has the good grace to ditch the cretin this election. That the South Australian Liberal party should hang their collective broad-churched heads in shame. It's enough to make me ashamed to be South Australia.

Seriously, you deluded, wasteful, ignorant, bigot. Fuck you.

(That feels better. Sorry for the swearing)

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