Saturday, June 25, 2016

Blog a Day June:Exhaustion

I'm finding that there is only one  fix for exhaustion.

That's do absolutely nothing.

So I'm holed up in a swanky hotel doing just that. Okay there's a bit of uni reading I need to do, but I've had a long bath, a gin and tonic, I've gone out and had a burger for dinner (Hungry Jacks, when only the best will do) and I'm ready to have a good lie in tomorrow morning.

And hopefully I wont be falling asleep by midday tomorrow.

At least being away from home I'm not tempted to do anything more than watch telly and read a book.

And at least next week things calm down a lot and the biggest thing that needs doing is the ironing and seeing Dave the Trainer (Cleo is away for a few weeks).

It's good.

I'm going back to my king sized bed with the 1000 thread count sheets now.

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