Friday, June 10, 2016

Blog a Day June: Matcha Me This

Today, I foraged for lunch at the local hipster place, which is not the local virtuous hippy place, as I was reminded by the bloke in the leather apron with the bush ranger beard.

The bloke with the second longest bush ranger beard in Melbourne (The longest one goes to my friend Thom, Georgie's husband - his is an absolute cracker) was telling me that they have vegan eggs over at the virtuous hippy place across the courtyard. This was a place of real food, he said, not that vegan substitute crap.

Why would anybody want vegan eggs? Aren't eggs like banned in Vegan land? But as I have a few vegan friends, I will leave them to their dietary choices and continue with my story.

Anyway, as my Reuben Sandwich was toasting in the overpriced toaster (Kelly O'Dwyer eat your heart out - and by the way, you still look like Neil from the Young Ones and how long did you suck your thumb for to get an overbite like that? Helmet hair and overbite - proof of Liberal Inbreeding) when I saw that they had something called Genmaicha on the menu.

"Genmaicha" I asked. So like can you do me up a Matcha Latte?" I asked in earnest.

"No, if you want a matcha latte, you'll have to go over the virtuous hippy joint. We have Genmaicha."

"So that's not Matcha. it says on the board it's from Japan."

"No, that's Genmaicha. Green tea with brown rice in it. Not matcha the powdered green tea."

Image result for genmaicha

Genmaicha - eww.

I tried not to screw up my nose.

"So you can't do me a matcha latte?"


"But you're hipsters!"

It seems that matcha is too last year for the hipster shop and genmaicha is where it's at.

For the record matcha, is great. I love green tea ice cream, made from matcha. I have settled oats in the morming with chia, matcha, vanilla and coconut milk (Yes, I'm a wannabee hipster sometimes) and I love a good matcha latte.

Image result for matcha
Matcha Latte

Still think it's funny that matcha is just too passe for the hipsters at the bottom of my building.

Saying that, they do a darn good Reuben sandwich.

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