Friday, June 24, 2016

Blog a Day June: Things about today

Things you need to know about today.

1. Britain voted to leave the European Union (The Brexit). The result of which is it appears the sky is falling. David Cameron has resigned as British Prime Minister - which may not be a bad thing. Yes, the move towards nationalism is freakishly scary. Yes, the markets have taken a tumble. This should be temporary if other big events like this are anything to go by.

The thing to remember is that the sun will rise tomorrow and the world will go on. Part of me is laughing about the fact that sometime down the line the Brits will have to join the "other nationalities' queue at major European airports - but as an Australian passport holder I'm used to this. I sort of laugh at the thought of the queues getting longer.

The voice of the disenfranchised is rising. Pity it's so nationalistic.

2. I voted today. Got that out of the way as I am "travelling" next Saturday. I was even sort of pleasant to the guy handing out Liberal propaganda - and didn't say something along the lines of "You've got more chance of getting a wank off the Pope than having me vote for your mob". As always, I voted under the line. I also took a black pen in which to vote. I always vote in pen - never trust the bastards.

Glad that is over.

3. Went and saw Double Indemnity at the MTC tonight. On the good side, the set and costumes were good. Underlit and drab, but good.

Okay, I was really underwhelmed and would have happily walked out at interval. The accents were annoying. The reviewer at the Fairfax pretty much says it all. Just read this and I agree with all he says - including the fact that the girl who played the secretary was the best thing about the whole thing. Not a complete dud, just not a favourite, unfortunately.

4.  I'm a perfume junkie. Luckily kept my purse in my handbag. Juliette's got a Gun's Lady Vengeance seems to be my next fragrance pick. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.

5.  Though it's been a hugely busy week, and it's been fun, gee I'm glad it's over.

Looking forward to getting into the gym on numerous occasions next week, once I'm back from my travels.

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Hi Pand,

I'm not a happy chap about Brexit. I don't want to rant on your blog, but if you're interested, you can read my thoughts here: