Monday, June 27, 2016

Blog a Day June: Stella

Sometimes the best news comes your way so unexpectedly, you're left reeling, so happy that the event has happened.

I was online, looking for a bottle of perfume at a cheaper price than what's in the shops. Unfortunately I have expensive tastes when it comes to scent. Juliette's got a Gun's Lady Vengeance runs to around $200 a bottle.

I was hunting around, and there it was. My precious!

After a number of years, finally, unexpectedly, they're making my favourite perfume once again!

My current bottle, something by a company called Juliette has a Gun - Miss Charming, was the nearest to Stella that I could find. It's nice, but not Stella.

I've used Agent Provocateur for a while. Again, nice, but a bit stronger than Stella, a bit more tobacco-y. Very nice, but not Stella.

There's Jo Malone's Red Roses, which I love, but it's more a special occasion perfume. I was introduced to it by a colleague a number of years ago and I love it. It's bloody expensive, but lovely, hence the fact that it's a special occasion perfume.

I've got my summer perfume - Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. Lovely and light and perfect for summer. It's nice and light and not overpowering. But it's not Stella

But none of them are Stella.

I remember when I asked a friend to bring me back some when he and his wife were coming through duty free. They weren't sure if they had the right one - then they smelled it and said "Yep, that smells like her." I found it really sweet that they knew what I smelled like. I can't smell the perfume on me.

The only other person to comment about my perfume is Barney. Maow Maow goes to give him a cuddle after sitting on me for a while. Blarney always comments that he finds it disconcerting that the cat smells of my perfume.

But I am happy. I can get my perfume again.

I was so happy, I called my mother about this joyous fact. See, I put Mum onto Stella years ago. She was as grumpy as I was when they discontinued it.

We bought up every bottle we  could find when we found out it was no longer being made.

Tonight, I go to bed a happy woman.

Small things, please small minds.

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