Friday, July 27, 2018

23 Days: Mercury Effing Retrograde

This morning started early. at 6.15 am I was fully dressed, fully awake and in the gym with a session with Peeeeetttteeeee.

"You know Mercury has just gone retrograde. And there's a blood moon tomorrow morning." says Peeeeettteeeee in dead earnest.

Yes, this is the conversation I have with my personal trainer at 6.15 in the morning while doing shoulder presses and kicking around the aqua bag. He's the one who's making the statement. My boofhead, Tasmanian, looks like a tradie personal trainer.

"I thought it was a way off." says me between cable pulls.
"Nope, it went retrograde yesterday."
"Shit. Are you sure?"
"Pretty much."

I got out my phone and asked Siri in the breath break. Yep, Mercury went retrograde this last night. It comes out of retrograde and goes direct on my birthday.


It is not enough that I'm talking astrology on a meaningful level with my stand in personal trainer at six in the morning. We wouldn't be having this conversation if Jay was with us. Jay thinks all my 'witch shit' is just that. Shit. We're chalk and cheese Jay and me. It's fine.

Peeeeeetttteeeee was begging me to make Jay to go to a few classes at the Yoga Barn when we're in Bali. I think I'd have more chance of getting Peter Dutton to not look like a potato.

Anyway,  it's not enough that I am feeling this current full moon -  a great big full moon in Aquarius, and it's like a kick in the guts - my energy is all over the place - but we have an effing Mercury retrograde to deal with.

So what's so bad about a planet moving backwards in the sky. Well Mercury Retrogrades are good for the following:

  • Rotten communication
  • Nothing getting done
  • Arguments
  • Things falling to shit
  • Things getting stalled
  • Nothing getting completed
  • External creativity goes out the window.
Yep - Mercury retrogrades are great if you're a writer.

They reckon you should not do the following while Mercury is travelling backwards in the sky.
  • Make agreements (They aren't going to stick)
  • Accept or start a job (It's not going to work out)
  • Close a sale (It will come back to bite you)
  • Start new projects (they won't get off the ground)
  • Schedule meetings (nobody turns up)
  • Travel a lot - there may be delays
  • Buy things (well get the extended warranty on larger items)
  • Find a house mate/move house.(Bound to have a mountain of troubles)
Mercury retrogrades are great for doing a lot of reflecting, taking things easy, listening to your inner self and respecting your quiet time.

Throw a monster full moon with an even bigger eclipse on top of this, and you have a celestial shit storm. 

Part of my afternoon was spent saying goodbye to some colleagues. Another part was spent looking over some natal charts for colleagues (this was late Friday afternoon - who does any real work on Friday afternoons? I know that as of 2 pm Fridays, I do a lot of clean up work)

At 4.45, I joined my colleagues for a rare beer. When Little Creatures is about, who am I to say no to  one?

Mercury is in retrograde. The beer had a kick. My first beer in four months. A rare treat. As I finished it, I felt the feeling of falling - like Alice down the Rabbit Hole. Thankfully after a glass of water, my head righted. 

I wonder what rabbit holes I'll be taken down this time. The Mercury retrograde. They all have big lessons to show you.


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