Tuesday, July 24, 2018

26 Days: The Lost Language of Cranes

I have got a case of writer's block at the moment. I was at the gym tonight - and normally, by 7 pm, I have an inkling about what I am going to write about. But not tonight. So I asked my Facebook posse what I should write about. Maybe, if I get a heap of mediocre ideas, a good one will come through.

I'm not about to have a whine.

I could whine about the following things:

  • The Mason's paperwork I have to get out.
  • The large slab of ritual I need to get down by rote by next Tuesday.
  • The fact that Donna and Harvey are still not together.
  • That car insurance keeps going up and I really should see if there are better offers out there.
  • That my F key keeps sticking. (Second keyboard this has happened to)
  • Tomorrow night I'm going through the 7th desk move in a year - but this is a good excuse to clean out some crap. 

I could write about the interview I went to today - but I won't. It was a good opportunity, but the fact I am in Bali on the project drop dead date means I had to take myself out of the mix.

I could write about the numpty trainer who straddled my battle ropes as I was using them tonight at training. I asked him to move. I asked him nicely. He stayed. He copped one in the nuts. Oops.

I was told to write about my inner demons. Nah - you don't need to hear about that stuff. I have  psychologist for that.

One friend, a darling man, said write about him. I love him too much for that.

Nope, the topic that won the contest tonight was to talk about the mess which is happening about a kilometre away on the corner of Lennox Street and Bridge Road.

See, last night, we had terrible winds. Awful winds. Not a gassy stomach - I thought the roof was going to come off the flat or the windows were going to cave in.

It seems, a kilometre away on a building site, a crane was not tethered down correctly for the vicious winds. You would think in a high density housing area this would be something they would think to do. But no.

This morning, I was running on time, only to get to the tram stop to find Victoria Street backed up with traffic. And the 48 was running down Victoria Street - which it only does when Bridge Road is blocked.

Getting to work ten minutes late, I took a quick look at the news. It appears this untethered crane was threatening to come down on a couple of millions of dollars of real estate. 300 people were evacuated from their houses in the dead of night, one of Melbourne's major arterial roads was blocked off. This caused traffic chaos. 24 hours on, these people are still not able to get into their houses and businesses. They're not sure if the  crane will come crashing down on these houses - the winds are still up making a remediation mission next to impossible. Thankfully we're expecting calmer weather tomorrow. Still, they have to fix this errant crane and it could be a few days away.

What I want to know is who is going to pay to compensate the residents - and the public, for this error in safety?

Cranes are so much a part of the Melbourne skyline - we don't think of them as dangerous.

To be honest, all that I could think of when I heard about this was a mini series I saw in Britain about 20 years ago.

I like to think, if the cranes could talk, that we'd look after them better.

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