Tuesday, July 17, 2018

34 Days: Notes from a Good Day

It was wonderful seeing Bridget today. It's been too long.

The last time we caught up was before Easter. Lots has changed in the interim.

Bridget and I worked together at my last job. She's awesome.

So lots has changed. She was made redundant a few weeks ago and is enjoying the wonderful life you have early in redundancy when you

She came for a coffee around lunch time. Her first words to me, "Oh my god you've lost a ton of weight."

Validation is always nice. Actually, it was great to see her again. It's strange when you go from having lunch with somebody three times a week to rarely seeing them. She's good value.


Book group was great. There were only five of us there due to illness and holidays. It was a great one. A hard book to read (Michelle de Kretser's "The Life to Come". Great conversation and most of it about the book.


Saw the doctor this morning for a typhoid jab. Other than feeling a little off colour for most of the day and having a sore arm, it was great to come out of the doctor's surgery knowing she's thrilled with me. Having lost 10 kgs in three months, she's over the moon. Giving a blood pressure reading of 130/80 made her even happier (even though the first reading was dreadful, but I suffer from horrible white coat syndrome).


Coming home from book group, the mother of all brush tailed possums was sitting on the fence. For some reason possums make me happy. They also scare the crap out of me.


I taught a new phrase to a colleague. He thought these were great. The conversation went something like this.

P: So, Anton, tough day?
A: Indeed, Pandora.
P: One of those days where you just want to chuck it in the fuck it bucket.

Anton collapses in a peal of laughter. He regained his composure and said he might file that one away.

P: So, it was a day of hard conversations.
A: Yep.
P: From where I was sitting Colleague X took a visit from the Fuck Up Fairies.

Anton doubles over again.

P: You could sort of say that Colleague X might be a bit of a fuck up fairy himself.
A: Don't.... I won't be able to face Colleague X tomorrow.
P: Fuck Up Fairies, Fuck Up Fairies, Fuck Up Fairies. Oh, try saying that three times fast when you're drunk.

Well, that was my day. Some good bits among the dross.

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