Friday, July 6, 2018

45 Days: Uses for David Leyonhjelm

Australian politics is a funny business. We have all of these characters, some of whom you can admire, others you wonder if nutter  politics is the only job they could hold down. I will use Christopher Pyne as a case in point - last seen at Adelaide University with his head stuffed down a toilet in the Student Union. The only job he's ever held down has been as a politician.

There are others whom you like to roll your eyes at - Bob Katter springs to mind. On occassion I've found myself agreeing with Bob Katter - he's normally talking off topic when this happens, and despite he's a bit loopy, he does occasionally make a bit of sense. It's a country girl thing.

But then there is David Leyonhjelm. He's been all over the news lately for being a dick.

Leyonhjelm makes a point of being a dick. The front runner in the Liberal Democrat's ticket, this arsehole makes a point of being unpleasant.

It appears that the Liberal Democrats manifesto contains clauses which makes them more repugnant that the Liberal/National Party - and it appears they get easily offended when taken to task. Leyonhjelm appears to take particular umbrage at anything to do with women's rights or anybody involved with The Greens. His actions towards Sarah Hanson-Young this week were reprehensible. Any other workplace in Australia and the person would have been sacked.  This is the guy who stood beside that Milo Yiannopoulos out to Australia - like Australia needs more Men's Rights Activists.

Oh yes, he's a charmer.

He's also a hypocrite.

This was demonstrated only too well when The Chaser took him to task over his stance on Wicked Campers a few years ago.

So, I've been thinking. What uses are there for a David Leyonhjelm?

I've come up with the following:

  • Stobey pole - good for stopping Mac trucks at 100 kms and hour - and little else.
  • Star dropper - Some wire through his ears might help clean his brains out.
  • Speed hump - self explanatory.
  • Crash test dummy - as above.
  • Snake venom tester.
I get that we need free speech - it's a cornerstone of democracy. Sure, of the burdens of free speech is meeting people with opposing views. But there is a difference between presenting your views and being obnoxious. Leyonhjelm crosses the boundary from confrontational to offensive far too regularly to be a member of parliament. (A bit like Pauline Hanson - except she's just stupid - Leyonhjelm has half a brain in there - it's just the other half holds a pure douche canoe. And don't get me started on that IPA bum boy, James Patterson.)

That feels better. now for a nice song.  

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