Thursday, July 12, 2018

39 Days: Decisions, Decisions

I'm having a bit of a crisis of confidence at the moment.

You see, I have a ticket to The Rocky Horror Picture Show next week.

I write this with a bit of sadness. When I bought the ticket, Craig McLachlan was going to be Frankenfurter. Since then, he's been dragged through the papers as something of a douchbag predator. Rightly or wrongly, he is no longer a part of the show. It's a complete sorry mess, as trial by media is an awful thing, just as mistreating people who you work with should never be tolerated. (Added to this, the Melbourne Theatre Company has announced that Geoffrey Rush would no longer be performing in Twelfth Night in a few months time. No reason was given why he is no longer in the production - and I find this a bit sad as he would be an awesome Malvolio - just as he was an incredible Lady Bracknell a few years ago - another one who has suffered trial by media).

I will say that I think there is a lot to be said for due process. Even if he, and Rush, are douchebags - they have the right to be tried properly - in the courts. A sorry mess indeed.

Anyway, replacing Craig McLachlan, who really was the BEST FRANK EVER, is Todd McKenney - who I've always thought of as a bit of a dickhead. Ever since he played Nathan Starkey in Strictly Ballroom - I've thought he was a bit of a dickhead. Anyway, he's playing Frank.

Will he be as filthy as Craig McLachlan? Maybe, maybe not. McLachlan really was the best Frank (and I've seen Robin Cousins, Jason Donovan and a couple of other no name Franks over the years - he left them all in the cold. His ad-libbing alone was priceless).

This is by the by. Todd McKenney is Frank. He might surprise me. But I'm not banking on it. At least he can sing - and dance - and will probably be able to prance around on the heels without an issue.

But still, it's Rocky Horror.

And that means I get to dress up! (Along with Alice, who also likes to dress up for Rocky Horror - but she always goes full Columbia - hot pants and sparkly jacket and all).

So here are my choices.

1) Do I find a black dress, a white apron, tease my hair up, don a whole heap of makeup and go as Magenta - which I have been doing for years - as I am Magenta - and I have the hair. And the boots.

2)  Do I locate a set of surgical scrubs, some pearls and a set of washing up gloves and go as Frank?

3) Do I go in my satin pyjamas and Mickey Mouse ears (along with teased hair - though technically this is a Magenta / Columbia hybrid)

Image result for rocky horror magenta columbia mickey mouse

Or do I find a new persona? Find a suit and go as a Swing. Find some tight jeans, a leather jacket and go as Eddie - or a wheelchair and an afghan and go as Doctor Scott. If it wasn't the middle of winter, (and a requirement to lose another 20 kgs) the thought of turning up in a petticoat and going as Janet could be up there with the options. 

But that is what I'm thinking about today. It's such a hard choice.

The only choice which is not available is going to Rocky Horror in civvies.


The other decision will be made nearer the time. Do I risk public transport in full Rocky Horror mode or do I grab a cab/uber?

I love The Rocky Horror Show. I just don't like the hard choices which go with it.

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