Thursday, July 5, 2018

46 Days: The Strange Day

Today wasn't great. In the scheme of things, it wasn't bloody awful, but it was a hard one. Work was full on. I think I have to get used to this over the next few weeks as I've moved into another area and I have to play by different rules - but this I'll put down to a learning process and just get on with it. All new roles have a some teething issues. And as I said, it wasn't bad - just full on.

I'd rather look at the more interesting part of the day - the part between 5.30 am and 7.00 am.

Yes, I was up early. I had a session with Peeeeetttee at 6 am. Cleo is in South America, so Peeeeettteee is training myself and Jay when he can.

I like Peeeettteeee. Other than he's a Crows supporter and a boofy Tasmanian who's really turned his life around, he's an all round sweetie - even if he did give me the aqua bag the other night. After burpees, the aqua bag is my least favourite thing to use in the gym - and I regularly kick it and tell it to die after use.

Also, as you have more chance of Trump cutting his hair than getting Jay to surface before 10 am, I got trained alone. This is good and bad. With Jay not there, I get worked a little harder. Some weights go up a little. Some differnt exercises are included. The cardio might be a bit more intense. For a change, I had to glove up as I got to use some equipment which was really hard on the hands.

And we then to talking. The stuff that you normally don't talk about with your trainer. Peeetttee has a bit of a spiritual bent. he's on a journey of self-discovery at the moment.

"So you're a Freemason?"
"Yep." (Said between squats)
"Because. I like the fellowship and the ritual."

And we talked about this for a few minutes.

"But how did you find Freemasonry for Men and Women?"
"A male craft member put me on to them."

What followed was a discussion about how the male craft don't really get that there are lady Freemasons out there.

:"But how did you know you would fit in?"
"I didn't. But if there is one place in the world that would take in a reiki and reflexology loving, Tarot reading Wiccan with a penchant for the Kabbalah go?"

He considered this for a bit.

"So you're a witch?"
"Yep." (I think we were onto lat pull downs by now).
"Do you do energy clearing?"
"Can you teach me how?"

Oh boy.

"Nope. I work from instinct. Whether I use bells, brooms, cards, feet, chakras or I find myself invoking Hecate, it's intuitive and individual."
"But how do you know what to do?"
" I just do."

This is the discussion I had at 6.30 this morning. And it seems I have a new reflexology client.

On the tail end, my manager passes my desk on the way home.

"That's Ganesha on your desk."
"But you're not a Hindu."
"Nope. Karminder brought him back from India last trip for me. I wanted a blue one, but he's just lovely."
"But why do you have a Ganesha on your desk."
"He helps smooth the way."
"Hmm. Why do you want a blue Ganesha."
"He came to me in a dream. He was blue." (Okay not quite accurate, but how can you say that a blue Ganesha guided you through a week of meditation two years ago?"

As I said, it's been a strange day.

Walking home with Paul Simon in my ears helped.

At least I cam home to the cat, a toasted sandwich and the breakfast dishes.

Tomorrow will be better. There is no 6 am training session. And it's Friday. Tomorrow won't be so strange. Well, here's hoping.

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