Saturday, July 14, 2018

37 Days: Gin and Tonic

I love my Sydney visits for many reasons, even though I'm not overly enamored with the place. Sydney is often humid. The people are brash. It's expensive. The coffee, when I drank coffee, was hit and miss. It's hard to get around at times (although they have an airport train - unlike Melbourne.)

But my visits to Sydney mean a lot to me. I visit friends. I get a good hotel room for the night - and I get to have a day off from my life for a night - which is awesome. Hotel rooms are great things. They make me feel a bit decadent.

The first day of a Sydney trip is my one day "off" the regime that I give myself a month, not that I stray too far from the programme (superfood salad with hot smoked salmon for lunch, nuts that I brought from home for snacks, chicken and salad for dinner - all fits quite well - only the poached pear with butterscotch sauce and ricotta for sweets was on the avoid list). I'm not quite as strict is what I'm saying.

On my Sydney visits, I aslo let myself drink in moderation for the afternoon.

So today, it's Plymouth gin and tonic.

I'm on my third - over the day.

And it is bloody marvellous.

I think the best thing of all about these trips is I often get to read a book in the bath. This is my version of heaven.

So this is where I'm am at the moment. Happily buzzing in a mild Plymouth haze, reading my book, which has to be finished by Tuesday night (and it's a hard read, but good) and holed up in a hotel.

I'm not sorry. Life doesn't get much better than this.

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