Saturday, July 7, 2018

44 Days: The Perfect Job

My search for long term employment continues - and it will come, and at present, I'm not in any rush.

I'm very grateful that my current job extended my until mid-August - just in time for me to go away for a week to Bali. This is a good thing. There is a chance on of the interviews I've had will bear fruit, but for the moment, I'm letting the universe weave it's web and I'm hoping the right thing for me will land in the near future.

Of the interviews I've had over the last few weeks, one I'm flat out thankful I didn't get, another I missed out on, and a couple more I'm waiting for news on.

So I have a quarter of an hour most days where I'm searching LinkedIn and Seek for a new role.

And then, as if by magic, the PERFECT job lands in my facebook inbox.

Head of Learning for the Pop-Up Globe.

I saw this and allowed myself to dream for a a bit. A job in learning. And working with Shakespeare. And Shakespearean scholars. And developing materials around Shakespeare. And working with actors, and working in the theatre. And getting the message out there that the theatre is awesome.

Like hell, yeah.

However, I won't be applying. Other than the role is far too senior for me, it's also in Auckland.

But I still have this persistent and enduring dream that one day I will be working in theatre or television. I'm not sure what doing, but it's always been there.

Maybe I should consider doing that PhD....

Oh to be a Shakespearean scholar.

A girl can dream.

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